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Learning solutions case study:

We launched a global training programme on health systems for a top pharma company.


Global top 10 pharmaceutical company using innovative science and digital technologies to create transformative treatments.

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  • Provide the most senior executives in the company’s most important markets with the knowledge and skills to develop new partnerships within their health system.

  • Upskill senior leaders to be able to analyse health system problems, engage effectively with decision-makers in the health system, and build mutually beneficial commercial partnerships.

PH_Network3Artboard 45.png
  • Developed an online executive training programme (recorded lectures, case studies, interviews with world-class experts, “cheat sheets”) and an in-person bootcamp (including role playing and simulation) focused on health systems partnerships.

  • Designed a best-in-class learning experience, including bespoke branding and graphics, working with experienced service designers.

  • Delivered coaching with top experts of relevant health systems.

  • Currently rolling out the programme globally, starting with delivery to a cohort in Japan.

  • Achieved high customer satisfaction from program participants:

    • Score of 9.3/10 for how useful it was for their business activities.

    • Score of 9.1/10 for the level of understanding of key health systems concepts and problems after the program.

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