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The Prova Health Network

Digital health solutions need robust, independent clinical validation from a diverse and representative sample of practitioners. Engaging directly with a single “expert” clinician (or a small group of them) introduces bias and can mislead product development and go-to-market efforts.


The Prova Health Network makes it easy and fast to recruit clinicians and other healthcare professionals (e.g., executives, payors, regulators, policymakers) for clinical validation activities and clinician-facing trials.

Hundreds of clinicians and other health professionals, at all levels of seniority.

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All major therapeutic areas

including oncology, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, neurology, infectious diseases.

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Key global markets strongest in United States, United Kingdom and European Union.

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“Normal” professionals, representing real users of digital health solutions, not just technology enthusiasts.

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Are you interested in using the Prova Health Network to generate evidence for your solution?

Are you a clinician or a healthcare professional?

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