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What was the digital health solution?

Accurx Self-Book facilitates remote patient booking in primary care. It is a key component of a larger digital front door solution for primary care in the UK. This platform enables patients to book appointments, providing a convenient and accessible way to access healthcare services. By facilitating remote patient bookings, Self-Book helps to improve access to primary care services, while also reducing the burden on healthcare providers.

What were the objectives?

The objective of the evaluation was to assess the key benefits of Self-Book to the healthcare system on both a national and local level. The evaluation aimed to identify the time-saving benefits for practices, measure the reduction in administrative burden, evaluate the impact on improving access to primary care services, assess the workforce benefits, analyse the health economic implications, and measure patient satisfaction with the platform.

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How did we do it?
  • Developed a mixed-methods qualitative/quantitative protocol for the evaluation.

  • Co-designed an interview guide and survey questionnaire with expert input.

  • Collaborated with Accurx to onboard 14 primary care sites across the country for the evaluation.

  • Conducted semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders.

  • Distributed over 14,000 patient surveys to gather feedback on Self-Book.

  • Conducted thematic analysis on the interview results to identify key themes and patterns.

  • Combined the results of the evaluation with a health economics evaluation from a delivery partner to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform's impact on the healthcare system.

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