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Learning solutions case study:

We trained the global staff of a top diagnostics company on the basics of cancer care.


Top 5 life sciences company developing digital health solutions, diagnostics, and pharmaceutical products for use in oncology and many other therapeutic areas.

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To educate >200 staff on the topic of cancer care, including common cancer care patient journeys, the members of the cancer care team, and the fundamentals of cancer biology. Staff included members of the sales, account management, and product development teams.

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  • Interviewed ~15 staff from the target audience to inform the curriculum and learning objectives.

  • Developed 10 online interactive modules for deployment on the company’s learning management systems (LMS), including animations depicting lung cancer, breast cancer, and leukaemia patient journeys.

  • Organized external peer-review of the medical and scientific content by oncologists (x2)

  • Received excellent feedback from participants, with an average rating across all modules of 4.6/5

  • Subsequently rolled out as core learning for 1000’s of staff in the company’s US division of diagnostics.

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