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Evidence solutions case study:

We helped a global life sciences company develop a thought leadership strategy for digital health.

What were the objectives?
  • Present a vision for the future of digital health, in which greater emphasis is placed on robust evidence generation, and all stakeholders share a strong understanding of the importance of evidence.

  • Present a case for the critical importance of evidence throughout all stages of the development of digital health solutions.

  • Outline the routes to adoption and reimbursement for digital health, including insights from top global experts in the field.

  • Present a call to action for the sector around evidence generation and clinical validation, with practical recommendations, including on evidence generation methods, developed and validated with leading global experts.

PH_Network3Artboard 32 copy 4.png
How did we do it?
  • Conducted 20 one-to-one interviews and hosted three roundtable discussions with leading experts on this topic from the US, UK and Europe.

  • Conducted a survey of 144 healthcare leaders around the world, asking about the importance of different evidence types in their decisions to procure digital health solutions, and the challenges they face when implementing digital solutions in their organisations.

  • Completed the project in just four months, including research, white paper write-up, and development of bespoke infographics and charts.

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